Press Releases

  • Penelope's Odyssey honors Sea Cliff child's cancer fight - Newsday, July 22, 2012
    Last August Penelope Rudeman donned her handmade green visor, put her mothers running medal around her neck and ran a pretend solo "marathon" circling the dining room table at the family apartment.  In June of last year, the family formed a non profit called Penelopes Odyssey, named after their daughters journey battling Leukemia, and has partnered with DKMS Americas, the worlds largest bone marrow donor center.
  • Penelope's Odyssey holds pumpkin patch for sick kids - Newsday, October 13, 2012
    Lori Schneider smiled, watching her 5 year old daughter Penelope circle a pumpkin patch at Clark Botanic Garden in Roslyn heights looking for the perfect one to paint.  "We are doing a pumpkin patch for children and their families that are impacted with a childhood illness like cancer" said Schneider 35 of Sea Cliff.
  • Sea Cliff Nonprofit Sending Young Cancer Patients to Movies - The, August 30, 2012
    Founder Lori Schneider said Jordan and Dara Desner are providing the Coram theater free of charge to families affected by pediatric cancer for a gratis screening of Disney’s re-release of “Finding Nemo” on Sept. 29, during Pediatric Cancer Awareness month.
  • Penelopes Odyssey Raises over 20G at Fundaraiser - Newsday, April 5, 2013
    At the nonprofit’s inaugural fundraiser, “Supporting Braveness with Kindness,” on March 21 at Cedar Creek American Bar & Grill in Glen Cove, they raised $22,127. 
  • Kicking Cancer with Karate - Fios 1 Heroes on Long Island - June 22, 2013
    Non profits organize fun day for patients in 
    Franklin Square — After George Silkes, president of the West Hempstead Kiwanis Club, heard Lori Schneider speak about her daughter’s battle with cancer at a local meeting, Silkes was moved to help out. With the help of Penelope’s Odyssey, a fellow non-profit organization, and a martial arts school, Silkes organized a free day of karate classes for young cancer patients and survivors. 
  • Penelope’s Odyssey: Mission to help families touched by pediatric cancer - Fios 1 News - June 14, 2014
    Meet Lori Schneider and her 6-year-old daughter Penelope Ruderman who battled leukemia
  • Penelope's Odyssey to hold bone marrow drive in Sea Cliff - Newsday - September 4, 2014<
    To Lori Schneider, Penelope Ruderman is more than just a daughter -- she’s a warrior. Ruderman was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010, when she was only 3 years old. In 2011, she received a successful bone marrow transplant that helped put her into remission. Penelope, now 7, is still in remission today.
  • A cause worth fighting for in Sea Cliff - Fios 1 News - September 4, 2014
    A Sea Cliff girl diagnosed with leukemia that beat the odds and is on her way to recovery wants to help others. The Pediatric cancer charity, “Penelope's Odyssey”, named after Penelope Ruderman, will host a bone marrow swab party in Sea Cliff tomorrow at Still Partners Bar & Grill, 225 Sea Cliff Ave., at 8:30 p.m.
  • Penelope's Odyssey charity hosts bone marrow ‘Swab Party’ - Fios 1 News - September 6, 2014
    Sea Cliff event raises awareness about pediatric cancer.